Monday, 9 November 2015

To The Last Drop #18

Its a 10 Miracle Leave In Conditioner
This is one of the best leave in conditioners. If you only use one product in your hair, make it this one. It helps tame frizz, of course detangle and smooth, protect against heat styling and seals in colour. So many great things theres no reason not to use this stuff. Love it and will forever buy, though Im using one from Bumble and Bumble right now which rates pretty darn close to this one.

Bioderma Micellar Solution
Ive tried a few different micellar waters and honestly, nothing works quite like this one. Though La Roche-Posay is a close second favourite. This is the only micellar water that can get tough mascara off without feeling like your taking your skin off to do so. It also doesnt leave that awful tight, sticky feeling that almost all others leave that unless you wash your face after, it will not go away. I like these types of products to remove any leftover makeup after using something like a facial oil, or for lazy days when I dont want to wash my face twice, etc. I may buy this again in the future, but Im still trying out some more affordable options to see if theres something comparable.

Simple Refreshing Facial Wash Gel
I used to love this stuff but my face gets so dry this time of year, I need to switch to milk/cream cleansers to keep the mooisture in. This was a favourite for a few years and I still love it. It doesnt dry the skin out to that tight, uncomfortable feeling, is great for more sensitive skins and is really affordable. I may purchase again in the spring or summer, but for now Im moving on.

Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner
This is probably my favourite liquid liner. Its nice and black, doesnt have that weird shine that some liners do and is fairly affordable. Also the felt tip doesnt wear away which is really important because its so hard to get a crisp line when the little nib is frayed. Will for sure buy again.

Bath and Body Works Wallflowers 
I go through these so often because about 2/3 of the way the scent stops working. Its kind of annoying because I feel like Im not getting to use the whole product, but theyre always on sale so I guess its not a huge issue. I used the Mango Dragon Fruit and Lemonade Watermelon. They both smelt so good and fruity. I would buy them again but the scents are not in stores anymore. Wah.

Lush Skin Drink
I did a whole post on this and loved it when I first purchased it. Its a good moisturizer for super dry skin, which I get in the winter, but the scent is so offputting to me I had to stop using it. It has sesame oil in it and I just cant stand the smell. I went to use it again and its separating and expired now. If the scent doesnt bother you this is great, but I just couldnt love it as much as I wanted to.

Essie No Chips Ahead Top Coat
This was great when it was new but its gone all thick and gloopy now, and just ruins my nails more with it than without.

Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream 
This is my favourite stuff ever. Ive only ever used the sample sizes because I get them in kits and as Sephora Points perks, which is awesome because then I dont have to spend any money. But I for sure will when my samples run out.

Nivea In Shower Body Milk
I always snatch these out of my works magazines because I think its so good for when you're feeling lazy or dont have time to moisturize after your shower. I can never seem to find it in store for some reason, so the samples will do for now.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder Translucent
I love this stuff. I really only use it to set my concealer under my eyes so it lasts me forever. My only complaint is that the lid doesnt stay on too well, making it not so great for travel. Otherwise, love it and already have another one.

Dove Visibly Smooth Deoderant
This was supposed to minimize the appearance of hair after time. Im not sure if it did, but it kept me fresh which is what matters most.

Bedhead Moisture Maniac Moisturizing Conditioner
I find the name of this really funny because this is possibly the least moisturizing conditioner Ive ever used. It didnt do much, no matter how long I left it on, and I just really didnt along with it. I had to use 4-5 pumps to even cover my hair, so it didnt last me long at all. I was kind of glad because I hated it anyway, but I usually can make a bottle last me months before I even need to think about it being near the bottom. I wouldnt recommend this one.

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish
I actually really liked this. I thought it was an exfoliant but it isnt really. Its a body wash with very small exfoliant beads that very slightly help take away dead skin, but you cant feel them at all. This was a great scent for the summer, but after a few weeks I got kind of bored of it. Id love to try this in another scent though.

Korres Vitamin E Face Primer
I dont even know if they still make this because I couldnt find it online, but I honestly didnt find anything that special about it anyway. It smells kinda weird and wasnt the best primer I've ever used. I was trying to make myself finish it off but theres still a bit in there and I couldnt do it. I think Korres make nice products but this wasnt a favourite of mine.

Vichy Thermal Water
I used to use these thermal waters all the time. I like it over my makeup in the winter to help take the foundation clinging to dry skin look away, but otherwise I feel like these are just bottles of water with a high price tag. What are these even really supposed to do anyway?


  1. I have quite oily hair so I tend to stay away from leave in products, but this sounds great, I`ll give it a try.

    1. Just avoid the root area and it should be fine :)


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