Thursday, 6 July 2017

June Favourites

Summer is finally here and I couldnt be happier. Though most days of June were torrential rain days, Ive been getting into the summer glowing, bronzed makeup lately and here's what Ive been loving the past month.

Joe Fresh Highlighter in Pink Pearl
I always said I wouldnt be one of those people with fifty highlighters, because Id never use them up. But here I am, with a growing collection. I saw this highlighter stick from Joe Fresh and thought it looked really pretty and would give a more natural glow to the skin than some powders can. I love the pinky champagne colour for my skin tone and even use it a eyeshadow sometimes.

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea in Beach Babe
When these lipsticks came out I was very excited as they mainly nude shades, which is what I love. This was the first shade I picked up and have worn it almost everyday since I got it. Its a nuetral pinky peach nude, very me kind of shade.

Tarte The Sculptor Contour Stick
Ive never really been oine for contouring as I can never find a shade that doesnt look like a strip of mud across my face. I got a mini of this contouring stick n a favourites box from Sephora and never really went near it until recently. Funny enough now I dont go a makeup wearing day without it, as I find it gives a nice shape to my face. If your fair skinned like myself Id recommend giving this a try if you have similar issues.

Essence I Love Big Lashes Mascara
As Ive said many times, I love Essence mascaras. They are under five bucks and work better than alot of mascaras, regardless of the price tag. This mascara has a large bristle wand, which is actually really easy to work with and can really build up your lashes without clumping.

Urban Decay Sunkissed Bronzer
Again, getting into the bronzing world I decided to get myself a new bronzer that I thought would be a good colour for me. I use this to add a bit of colour to my face, neck and chest, as my body always seems to get a tan and those areas dont. I think its really nice and that packaging is just so cute.

Essence 2 in 1 Eyeshadow and Liner in She's Got The Mauve
This shadow stick is a beautiful metallic bronze shade that really brings out the green in my eyes. I apply a little to the outer lids and blend with a blending brush and it lasts all day. Again, it was super cheap like the mascara. Would love to try more shades of these.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Nightly Skincare Routine

una brennan rose mask, nip + fab bee sting venom mask, origins ginzing, eyecream, night-a-mins, nivea malkeup remover, truth serum ole henriksen, nude rescue oil

I have to admit I'm not always great at properly cleansing my face at the end of the day. I am sometimes so lazy or tired, especially on late shift days, and I will just remove my eye makeup and maybe run over my face with a micellar water and call it a night. This doesnt do anything great for my skin and over time I will develop little under the skin spots on my forehead. Not to mention my skin just looks overall dull and a bit dry.

I do enjoy spending time with masks and serums, and notice a massive difference in the morning to the way my skin looks and feels. I have been trying lately to spend just a few minutes cleansing and moisturising every night. I like to try different skincare products, so I do have a cabinet full of samples and mini sizes of all sorts of things, which gives me an idea whether things work for me or not before spending the money. There are a few that I have been using lately, partly to use them up and also because I do really like them and plan on purchasing. So all that aside, here's what Ive been using.

Of course to remove my makeup, Im still using the Nivea Express Eye Makeup Remover. I have gone through many of these and always have two (one in my skincare cabinet, and one in my room for lazy nights). To cleanse my face, currently Im trying out the Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser, now called The Clean Truth Foaming Cleanser . I was a little afraid of this one because I usually go for more creamy cleansers and thought this would be too drying, but actually its quite gentle. I wouldnt say this was a favourite though. At this point if I wanted to use a mask, which is maybe once a week, I would go in with something like the Caudalie Instant Detox Mask. Again, this is a mini size but Ive gotten quite a few uses out of this so far as I tend to only use it in troublesome areas such as my forehead, nose and cheeks. Basically where I want to clear out my pores and where I may have a breakout. For moisture, I like the Una Brennen Rose Hydrate or Nip + Fab Bee Sting Fix Lifting Mask, which plumps and firms aswell as smooths the skin.

I have been trying to make my way through my many serum samples and there are a few I really like.  The Ole Henriksen Truth Serum is full of vitamin c and brightens and smooths my skin. Its not really an oily consistency, so it sinks into the skin quite quickly and doesnt leave a residue on the skin like the Nude Progenius Rescue Oil. This one makes my skin feel amzingly soft and hydrated in the morning, but its kind of messy and doesnt smell very nice. I cant decide my full opinion on this one.

Eyecream is still the Origins Ginzing, which I have been loving for a few years. I find this really work for me and helps with my dark circles. And lastly, to moisturise I use Origins Night-a-mins. I really like this because it hydrates my skin, but it sinks in and doesnt feel heavy on the skin.

Im always interested in new skincare products, so if there's anything you love or recommend, I'd love for you to share them below. 

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

To The Last Drop #21

emtpies, empty products, maybelline, bath and body works, origins, kat von d, nivea

I have another pile of garbage to show you, including body, skincare and a few makeup items. I love doing these posts because it makes me feel good to get through things and it shows what I actually love enough to use up.

The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil
This has been sitting in my cabinet with the tiniest amount of product left for at least a year and never gets touched. I heard so many great things about this and honestly, it wasnt for me. I found it so messy to work with, I much prefered the balm verion they have. Im just throwing this one away.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Mad Max Brown
This little sample was a 500 point perk from Sephora. I probably never would have used a brown liquid liner if I didnt have this and I was actually a really big fan. It was a dark enough brown where it wasnt necessarily obvious that it was brown, but it was alot less harsh than black can look sometimes. Plus the colour really brought out my green eyes, which I really liked aswell.

Korres Wild Rose Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial
I have a lot of skincare samples as I like to try new things without the comittment of spending a fortune on something I may end up hating. This one came in a Sephora favourites set, and I had never heard anything about it. While it says facial it is essentially just a night cream. Its a thicker consistency and left my skin feeling really great in the morning. I did like it but Im not sure Id buy it.

Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins 
Another sample. I really liked this stuff, but I pretty much like every Origins product. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and smooth and I have purchased a jar of this stuff. 

Revlon Ultra Volume Mascara
Volume is an important quality in a mascara for me. I found this mascara did exactly what I wanted, and I probably will repurchase in the future.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious Full Fan Effect Mascara
Speaking of mascara, this one did not work out so well for me. I previously used and enjoyed the original Lash Sensational in the gold tube, so I thought this one would be good too. However, the brush hold way too much product, and unless you spend a few minutes scraping the brush off, you end up with a huge wad of product on your lashes that you absolutely cannot work with. I like full lashes, but this just doesnt work at all.

Nivea Express Eyemakeup Remover
Cant have an empties without at least one of these. As I've said many times, this is my favourite makeup remover. Its affordable, easy to use and just works.

Bath and Body Works Shower Gel and Body Cream
I have way too many B&BW products, so Im trying to make my way through them. Winter Candy Apple was an okay scent, though I dont really know why they consider it a Christmasy scent. Hawaii Passonfruit Kiss was a lovely tropical fruity scent which I loved, and the body creams as great during the colder months for dry skin.

Does anyone else love empties as much as I do? Let me know what you've used up lately, or anything you think I should try.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

To The Last Drop #20

empties, products, redken extreme, body full, cola sheer invisible, nivea express remover, nars radiant creamy concealer, loreal brow stylist

Hello! Its been a while. I thought it was about time I started blogging again and I'm going to start it out with a good old look through my trash. Some of these have been sitting waiting months for this post, so here they are.

Redken Body Full Shampoo and Conditioner
These have been reformulated and are now called High Rise, but what better time to stock up on haior products then when they're on sale? These are designed to create volume for flat, fine hair. I think the shampoo works quite well at giving volume, however I wasnt all that impressed with the conditioner as I found it didnt add a whole lot of moisture to my hair.

Redken Extreme Shampoo and Conditioner
More shampoo! These are some of my favourites. Designed for distressed hair, this great smelling shampoo adds protein to the hair to strengthen and fortify. They leave the hair super soft and easily manageable.

CoLAb Sheer Invisible Rio Dry Shampoo
I am a dry shampoo lover as my hair gets oily quite quickly and washing my hair everyday is a no-no. I really like the CoLab formula as its almost undetectable in the hair and really does freshen up the hair and add a little volume! I had my hair cut the other day and my coworker couldnt feel any residue in the hair from this stuff. I was quite impressed. Definitely recommend.

Nivea Express Eyemakeup Remover 
Ive talked about this a few times and still love it. Its super easy to remove even tough mascara with this so its an all time favourite for me.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer
Another favourite of mine. In my original post about this, I actually hated this concealer. But it really grew on me and now I don't use anything else. It covers my horrible dark under eye circles and make my skin look so nice.

Origins Make A Difference Plus Rejuvenating Treatment
This was an accidental purchase at first but became loved quite quickly. Its a gel like consistency for dry skin. I usually used this almost like a serum under my moisturizer but sometimes I used it in a moisturizers place if my skin wasnt overy dry at the time. It took me about two years to get through this so Id say its good for the price point.

Bath and Body Works Cucumber Melon Body Wash
I love b&bw stuff and you can probably tell as theyre in most of my to the last drop posts. This scent was quite fresh and clean smelling, a little bit different to my usual more fruity sweet scents so still really nice nonetheless.

L'Oreal Brow Stylist Definer in Dark Brown
I think this a great drugstore brow pencil. Theres a spoolie brush on one end, and a retractable fine tip pencil on the other. Its very easy to work with and the colour match is realy great. I mjst say I feel a little odd using a dark brown on my brows when my hair is getting blonder and blonder these days, but I find it still looks okay.

Have you used up any products lately or is there anything I should try? Let me know! Also, any ideas for upcoming posts would be greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Top Hair Masks

Now that the cold weather on its way, I thought it was a good time to talk about some hair masks. With all the stress we put out hair through, from heat styling to colouring, its importsnt to give it a little TLC. Hair masks are one of my essential haircare products during the winter to keep my hair healthy, strong and hydrated.

Redken Extreme Length Primer Treatment is a five minute conditioning treatment infused with biotin to help you achieve maximum hair length and strengthen the hair. I tend to use this once a week as a mini treatment. It doesnt take any longer than conditioning like usual, but has extra hydration.

Another quick treatment is the Its A 10 Five Minute Hair Repair For Blondes. Of course as the name suggests, this is a mask for blondes to enhance their colour, and help remove yellow or brassy tones. It also adds shine and leaves the hair soft and smelling lovely.

For a deeper treatment, the Macadamia Deep Repair Mask helps to reconstruct the hair, rebuilding damage and improve elasticity and shine.

Matrix Biolage Hydrasource Conditioning Balm is probably top on my lists of masks. If you have dry hair, or tangly hair, this stuff will be your best friend. It conditions, detangles and gives up to fifteen times more moisture. This is a great mask for colour treated hair, and fighting frizz aswell. If your going to try one thing from this list, I highly recommend this one.

I hope you enjoyed my top masks, and if you have any favourites of your own feel free to share them below.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

September Favourites

joe fresh daily boost, becca champagne pop, flower child, bare minerals gen nude infamous, milani creme nude, redken anti frizz milk

What a crazy month this has been, good and bad. There are a ton of new things I've been using and loving lately, so here they are.

Joe Fresh Daily Boost Fluid Foundation
I bought this on a total whim, having heard absolutely nothing about the brands new makeup range. This foundation is meant give a glow to the skin, and of course that always what I look for in my base products. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I've been enjoying this. It gives just enough coverage for me and gives a nice dewy, fresh look to the skin.

Becca Champagne Splits Champagne Pop/FlowerChild
I was wanting to try Champagne Pop for a while but didnt really want to spend the money on a highlighter, until I saw this little highlgihter/blush duo. Champagne Pop is the prettiest golden champagne colour, and Flowerchild is a nice peachy pink shade as well, though I dont use the blush nearly as much.

Bare Minerals Gen Nude Liquid Lipstick 'Infamous'
I like the liquid lipstick look, but on me I just find most formulas too dry and accentuate any and all dryness on my lips. But this one is great because it feels smooth on the lips, and there are some great colours. Infamous is a great everyday wearable colour for me, a kind of dusky pink.

Milani Creme Nude Lipstick
Im not sure what these are called exactly, but this shade is lovely. As the name suggests, its a nude pink, super creamy and comfortable on the lips and it also smells like candy!

Annabelle Creme Caramel Eyeshadow Trio
Ive been wearing this almost everyday because its just so easy. All three colours are lovely and go well together.

Mac Peachtwist Blush
As always, I bring out this blush when the weather is starting to cool down. It is the perfect fall blush- a kind if burnt orange with some gold shimmer to give the skin a bit of a glow. If you havent tried this one please do checkit out because it doesnt get enough recognition in my opinion.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Mad Max
Ive been a black liquid liner since the ninth grade. I never really used any other colours but when I got this little 500 point perk from Sephora of Kat Von D products, and this mini liner was in there in a brown shade, I thought I better give a try. To my surprise, I liked it so much that Ive been using it more than my traditional black liner! The applicator is different to me, being more like a brush than a felt tip like I would usually use, but its easy to apply and get a thin line. I have a feeling Ill end up buying this one when I run out.

Redken Anti Frizz Polishing Milk
There is nothing I hate more than frizzy hair, so this stuff is a life saver. Its a cream consistency that you apply to wet hair and style as you like. I find if I blowdry my hair it smooths everything out nicely, but also if I just let it air dry with my natural, frizzy waves, it tames it and also does something for the waves. Love this stuff I already have a backup.

Friday, 23 September 2016

A Drugstore Haul

drugstore, milani prime perfection, lipstick nude creme, elf brush, loreal nude attraction,
Everytime I run into the drugstore for one thing, which I usually end up foregetting in the end, I leave with a handful of new goodies to try that I really don't need. This was no exception, but hey ho, who doesn't love new thing right?

MY drugstore just started stocking Milani and Elf products, so of course I had to get something. The Elf Ultimate Blending Brush looked like it would be really nice for foundation application. The bristles are super soft and its dense enough that I think it would work really well. I'll keep you posted. As for Milani, I was a little overwhelmed with all the blushes I've been wanting to try for years, so I decided to wait on those and ended up with a primer instead. The Prime Perfection Hydrating and Pore Minimizing primer feels nice smooth on the skin from what I've tried just on the back of my hand , and doesn't have tht awful silicone feel that I can't stand. I look forward to trying this one. I also picked out a typical pinky peach shade in Nude Creme that I know I'm going to love.

I also decided to try one of the L'Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Glosses in Bare Attraction. I know I wouldn't wear any of the other shades because they're more bold than what I tend to go for, but this nude shade looked really nice for fall. It looks like this is one that has that matte look, but doesn't completely dry down and make your lips look majprly dehydrated.

I found the Provoke Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo, which Ive been interested in trying but could never find in my area. I hear so many blondies loving this shampoo to tone help tone any brassiness out of their hair and never tried this one, so I thought Id give it a go. And lastly, I picked up another Kylie Sinful Colours Nailpolish because I think there are some great colours in the collection. This plum shade with a gold shimmer through it is called Krushed Velvet, which is going to be great for fall time aswell.

Thats everything I picked up! Have you done some drugstore shopping lately? What did you pick up, or what do you recommend me get next time?

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