Monday, 27 July 2015

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes

I've built up quite the little collection of these little beauties, I thought I'd do a full review of them all.
One of the main reasons I love Tarte is because of the benefits to the skin their products are packed with. No matter your skin type, the amazonian clay blushes will do great things for your skin. Minimizing oil, and hydrating the skin. They claim to be long lasting-12 hours to be exact, and are very pigmented. What's not to love? Also, there are a ton of colours to choose from.

As you can tell, I go for the same kinds of colours. I love my peaches and peachy pinks. My first blush (the one with the older, different packaging) and first in the photo is Achiote. I'd never heard of this one but it stood out to me in the store and looked like a really nice coraly pink shade. Unfortunately this isn't one of my favourites. I only like it on certain days, where as others I find it almost looks like the kind of redness one would try to cover up, not get from a blush. Maybe it's just my pale skin tone, I don't really know. The second one I bought was Captivating. It was part of a summer collection and limited at the time, so I knew if I didn't grab it then and there I'd likely miss out on it. It's actually permanent now, so no worries if you want this one. It's a gorgeous peach shade, perfect for summer time. I sometimes mix this one with Achiote and it gives a really nice colour to the cheeks.

Exposed was one I got based off blogger/youtuber raves. I remember Estee and Meg talking about this one way back when and it stuck with me. It's a neutral mauve shade that isn't something I think I would gravitate towards otherwise. I think it's a nice colour, definitely more suited for fall/winter. It gives a contoured look to the face which I think is really nice because it's like a two in one product. I don't wear this one too often but it is a nice one. Lastly I have Blissful. I've only had this one a few months and it's become one of my most reached for blushes. It is a warm peachy pink that I find is perfect for daily wear, goes with mostly everything and has to be my favourite of the four.

Are you a fan of the Amazonian Clay blushes? Leave me your favourites below!

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