Friday, 24 July 2015

Revlon HD Lipsticks

Revlon are one of my favourite drugstore brands, especially when it comes to lip products. I think they do some of the best affordable takes on everything from matte to moisurising. When they came out with the HD lipsticks a little while ago I was interested but held back as most of the colours were quite bright and not something I typically wear. I noticed they were buy one get one half off one day and even though I'm supposed to be on a lipstick ban, I couldn't resist that sale as they are about twelve bucks. I was going to try them eventually so at least I was saving a few pennies.

I swatched every shade and was uming and ahing for a good ten minutes, unsure what shades to go for that I was actually going to get use out of. My first choice was the typical pinky nude in Magnolia. Its a very easy to wear shade, and I know this will be worn a lot. The second shade is Tulip, a kind of orangey coral. I don't quite know how to explain the colour of this one and it doesn't pick up in photos very well. Its such a pleasing colour to look at that I needed it despite the fact that it might have been too orange for my liking. Luckily, its not too orange and Ive actually worn this a few times already because love it. Finally a colour that isn't too bright that it scares me out of wearing it in public!

The lipstick formula is really creamy and almost feels like a balm to apply. They're pigmented and last really well. They don't fade patchy, which is great as I'm not really one for touching up, and dont cling to dry patches. They feel really moisturising on and I think are going to be some of my new favourites. I just may have to go look at those other shades again..

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