Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Currently On My Tv

Today I thought I'd share some of the tv series I've been binge watching lately. I haven't been a fan of actually watching things on tv at set times for a couple of years. Instead I buy the series on dvd so I can be lazy on the couch and watch as I play with the little one and do my daily things, or watch online on my laptop in bed.

For lazing around days I've been loving rewatching Gilmore Girls. Most females have seen and love this show about a mother daughter relationship. Lorrelai became a mother at sixteen to Rory, who is now sixteen herself. They are very close, love coffee and are very hilarious and sarcastic. They are often found in Lukes Diner with said coffee in the small town of Stars Hollow. There are so many great characters and funny things going on in this show I just love it. If you havent seen it I recommend checking it out.

Another show I've been watching religiously on my couch for months now is Greys Anatomy. I was obsessed with this one for the first few seasons and loved the original cast, but as they all started leaving the show I wasn't as into it, but now being on season 9 its getting good again. I'm sure everyone knows what this one is but the show follows the loves of new surgery interns in a hospital, from the first day until actually becoming doctors. It's a really good one and also has some awesome music in every episode as an added bonus.

Lastly is the one I watch before bed. This is usually the one that me and my boyfriend wastch together in bed and I usuallu end up falling asleep to. Thats not to say it isnt good-because it is-I'm just exhausted by this point of the day. Currently we are watching The X Files, an oldy but a goody. This one reminds me of my childhood because I used to watch it all the time. Mulder and Scully are FBI agents assigned to the weird, usually unexplained cases. Aleins, mutants and monsters, weird powers and all sorts of unusual things happen in this show and it's so addictive. They're coming out with a new season next year I believe which we're super excited about. If you're easily spooked or don't like weird/semi-gross things this may not be the best one for you.

Those are my current watch religiously shows though there are more I watch every now and again, but I'll leave them for another time. What are you currently watching and what would you recommend? Leave them below!

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