Friday, 10 April 2015

This Month I Read #1

To go with my reading challenge, I thought id give little reviews of each book I read during the month. There may be one, five, or none at all but I thought it would be good for those readers out there looking for a new book.
*These are the books I read in January and February. I wanted to post this a while ago but I let my mom borrow a book and couldn't take the photo for the post, so while i've actually read five books to this point I'm only including three right now so it's not too overwhelming. I'll put March and Aprils together in the next one.

No Place Like Oz by Danielle Paige
For the Wizard of Oz fans, like myself, this is probably a series you'd be interested in. This is a prequel to Dorothy Must Die, which is the next book I read. Taking place I believe two years after returning home from Oz, Dorothy makes a second appearance to Oz, but this time with her aunt and uncle. She is happy to be back because here she was a hero, whereas back in Kansas she was seen as ordinary and possibly a little crazy for believing a dream was reality. She discovers that a lot of time has passed in the magical world and many changes have been made. Oz has a new ruler and Dorothy believes she was sent back for a reason.

Unfortunately this one is only available as an ebook so if you're a paperback reader you're not going to be able to find this one. It isnt necessary to have read before Dorothy Must Die, but it does give a back story as to what it is going on in the series. This author seems to have an odd obsession with prequel books as she's apparently writing three or four to introduce the characters in the series. Im not sure they are all necessary, but this one did make a pretty good read and had me wanting to get into Dorothy Must Die right away.

Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige
Apparently, though I dont know if it's true or not, there was a mistake with the printing of the back description and the second novels description is on the first. With that being said, it makes sense as to why this book didn't seem to follow it exactly.

The main character is Amy Gumm, who lives with her drunk mother in a trailor park in Kansas. She isn't popular and often spends days on her own while her moms off drunk doing god knows what. One day there is said to be a tornado, and her mom goes out to the bar leaving her alone. Turns out they werent lying and there is a tornado and Amy ends up in a big field which just so happens to be a part of Oz. She remembers the story and the movie, and this place looks nothing like it. She makes some friends and loses some along the way and gets recruited to The Revolutionary Order of the Wicked. There she is trained to fight and you guessed it, kill Dorothy. After her arrival, she had let magic get to her head and has become an evil, awful person. Amy has no idea what she's doing but goes along with what she's told to keep herself alive.

This is a bit of a hard one to explain without giving too much away. Its a more modern setting, but definitely more dark than The Wizard of Oz (aka not one for the kids). I enjoyed it and read it within a few days but some parts weren't explained in enough detail. Going back to what I said about the description, a lot of it wasn't even mentioned until the last chapter, and then it just ended. Right when it's getting into something it just stops, and that's when I realized there actually was going to be a second book. I was slightly dissapointed in the way they set the book up like that, but nonetheless it is a good story line and I am looking forward to the second book coming out in May.

Seriously.. I'm Kidding by Ellen Degeneres
I seriously love Ellen. Doesnt everyone? She's got a great personality and sense of humour. If you're a fan of her talk show you'll love her books. This is her third, updating you on her life since last writing eight years ago. Its an easy read with good laughs and many topics. I also like that the chapters arent long, making it easy to read one here and there throughout the day. It's just a bit of a silly book so it's a quick read and doesn't require a lot of attention. The back of this book is also hilarious, so if you ever see it flip it over and have a read.

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