Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The Lazy Skincare Routine

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The Remover
First step is the worst- makeup removal. I like to get this done as quick as possible lazy day or not, and The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter is the solution. Rub a little between your fingers to warm it up and it will become an oil. Rub it into your eyes to remove even the toughest waterproof mascara, and all your foundation. Remove with a damp washcloth and we're done. If I'm not in the mood for a second step, I often leave the cleansing at that.

The Cleanser
If I wasn't wearing makeup then this is my go to. The Body Shop Pomegranate Cream Cleanser is what I've been using lately and really enjoying. It's great for drier skins, doesn't strip or leave a tight feeling and it's really quick and easy. It also smells great and the pump dispenser is always a plus!

The Eyecream
Even when I'm lazy I try to make sure I put my eyecream on. I want to take care of my eye area as much as possible! Origins Ginzing Refreshing Eyecream is my current favourite. Designed to brighten and de-puff, this little guy showed me that eyecreams do actually do something. I've only used this one for a few months but it's blown the others out the water.

The Moisturizer
Lastly, we need to moisturize. I like The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream for day because it's lightweight, and sinks in pretty quickly so if I'm wearing makeup that day, I don't have to wait to apply.I also use the Night Cream  which is a bit thicker, but doesn't take hours to sink in. Both leave my skin feeling super smooth and soft and they're under $20 which is budget friendly.

Do you have a skincare routine for those lazy days? Leave me yours or any product recommendations below, I'd love to read them!

As you may have noticed I use a lot of The Body Shop products. I am not affiliated with or paid to say anything about them. I geneuinely like them and have purchased all products with my own hard earned money. 

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