Tuesday, 7 April 2015

H&M Purchases

H&M clothes, dress, pants, blacvk and white

I went shopping! I thought id share a few things I bought incase you want to see whats in store.

Grey Embroidered Tee
I'm a fan of a good tshirt. I loved the embroidery on this- the colours are really pretty and dress it up. I love the fit of the shirt too. It has a nice flow to it, not clinging to my belly which is great. They also had a cream/white but the grey is more flattering on my skin tone.

I think these are called shift dresses? I'm not quite sure. Anyway, I saw this in a rack with a sign for $10. I wasn't sure if I liked it just on the hanger, especially the bottom, but I thought it was quite cute on. Had it of been full price I probably wouldn't have gotten it, but for ten bucks it's not bad. I think it'll be cute in the spring, or fall time with tights and a leather jacket. I also like that it has sleeves as I tend to wear cardigans over dresses, but I won't need to with this.

I have no idea what these style are called but I always see people wearing them and think they're so cute but never bought any myself. I spotted these and they were only twenty bucks so I brought them to the change room to see how they looked on and I was in love. They are super comfy and I think they will dress up a basic tee or something, paired with some sandals. I think i'll really like these and I may need to get some more.

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