Friday, 16 January 2015

Elizabeth and James Nirvana White

When childhood favourites of mine and many others, the Olsen twins, came out with two fragrances last January I was instantly intrigued. I saw them in store many times, took a sniff and said maybe another day, as I didnt want to spend the money on another perfume. When christmas came around I thought it was a good time to give it a try. There are two scents, Nirvana White and Black, designed specially so they can be worn alone or together. While I thought I would like the Black option more, for some reason I was drawn to White.

The Nirvana scent comes in a beautiful bottle- simple but elegant. Featuring a blend of peony, muguet, and musk. The scent is feminine and great for everyday wear, whereas Black is more of a night time scent. Totally different to what I would normally go for, as im more of a warm, fruity scent fan. Nirvana is exclusive to Sephora at $66 for a 1oz bottle or $90 for 1.7oz.

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