Friday, 19 December 2014

Take It Off

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If you're anything like me, you hate when it comes time to remove your makeup. Waking up early just so you can make your face up before going out? No problem. But spending five minutes before bed taking it off? We often cant be bothered. Cue the cleansing removers.

Basically these work to a) remove makeup, and easily I might add, and b) cleanse the face. All in one step. A no fuss, easy product. My favourite that ive tried is The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter. This is the only balm style ive tried thus far and I must say its a very easy and effective way at removing everything. And this coming from a girl who wears a ton of mascara. Just a small amount heated up between your fingers and gently rubbed onto the eyes and face, then rinsed off with a wash cloth and your skin is makeup free. I find this is more effective then my beloved Avon Eye Makeup Remover Lotion as I dont have to spend as much time getting everything off. It leaves my skin soft and if im feeling really lazy, ill leave the cleanse at that, though I typically go in with a facial cleanser to make sure everything is nice and clean.

Option two is the micellar waters. Everyone has heard of Bioderma Sensibo H2O, a favourite among makeup artists and of course, bloggers and youtubers. What is a micellar water you might ask? In short, its a blend of water and fine particles of oil that absorb dirt and makeup and leave you with a cleansed face. It feels and smells just like water, though some that ive tried can leave a bit of a tackiness to the skin, Bioderma and the La Roche-Posay ones do not. A little applied to a cotton pad and sweft over the face and your good. With mascara you need to hold it onto the eye for a few seconds to get everything off. This isnt my favourite for removing eye makeup but it does get the job done.

My last option is cleansing milks. Ive tried a few and while I didnt like some (mainly because it stings the eyes, im looking at you Origins), the ones I did like, I liked a lot. These are basically a creamy cleanser that you can use on your whole face. It is a non-foaming and non-drying form of cleansing. My favourites are the Vichy Purete Thermale Cleansing Milk, and the no7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Milk.

With our nicely cleansed faces, we are now ready to get on with the more important things in life, like sleep.

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