Saturday, 20 December 2014

Christmas Movies

Nothing gets you into the Christmas spirit like a good ol' movie. I thought id share a few of my favourites, although im sure everyone has seen them many many times, years after year. They just never seen to get old.

A Christmas Story
My favourite Christmas movie. "You'll shoot your eye out!" You cant not love Ralphie and his lusting for a bb gun. And that leg lamp? An all around great movie.

"Santaaa! I know him!" is a quote me and bf have said many a times. Starring Wil Ferrell as Buddy, a man raised as an elf, on search to meet his real father in the big apple. Some good laughs in this one.

Home Alone
Everyone knows and loves Home Alone. This ones on tv 24/7 it seems so its impossible to miss. Although not the most realistic of situations, this is a funny movie that everyone and their dog watches year round.

The Santa Clause
I used to watch this one year round as a kid. Calvin Scott (Tim Allen), and his son Charlie hear a noise on the roof. After running outside they discover it is a man in a red suit whose fallen. After reading his business card and putting on the suit, he starts noticing some changes in himself and becomes the big guy in the red suit himself.

Four Christmases
After their holiday away Christmas is a no go due to fog, this couple struggle to make it to four Christmas celebrations. Full of laughs and who doesnt love a bit of Reese and Vince.

Christmas With The Kranks
Because their only daughter is abroad during the holidays, this couple decide to skip Christmas and go on a cruise instead. All the neighbours are at war with them, wanting them to "Free Frosty!", as they usually put him on their roof. When they get an unexpected call from their daughter that shes coming home for Christmas, they have 24 hours to turn things around and get into the Christmas spirit.

There are many many more great movies but these are just a few I like to watch and are easily found on tv. What are your favourite Christmas movies?

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