Monday, 15 December 2014

Lily 3 Month Update

I cant believe my little munchkin is already three months old. She has grown so much, not only in size but in my heart. Looking back at pictures from when she was born, I can see a huge change already. She's starting to get into more of a daily routine, actually sleeping in her bassinette now at night. She will sleep through the night for the most part, goint to bed around 9 most nights. I have to get up to put her pacifier back in a few times but she'll typically sleep til 7 or later. This is a great thing for me as I get to have more sleep now (thank god).

She is always looking around, always smiling and cooing happily. Im still waiting to hear that first little giggle though! She kicks her feet around a lot, often kicking me in the stomach or waving her arms about. She will swat at dangling toys and sometimes hold onto things but only for a few minutes. I dont think she does it knowingly though. She has been sucking on her hands and sometimes a thumb, which is so cute.

She has been drooling a lot. Im going to ask next time we go to the doctors but I think this is the start of her teething. Im not sure of her current weight or height as im having issues getting a hold of doctors at the moment, but will update on that.

She has outgrown all her 0-3 month clothes and making her way into the 3-6 or even larger. She has quite long legs so some of her pants are larger. She has just gone up to size 2 diapers aswell. Packing away all the little clothes makes me so sad. You really dont realize how quickly they're growing.

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