Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Lush Goodies


With the weather getting cooler, my favourite time to take baths is here and nothing makes a bath more fun and luxurious than something from Lush. I love trying new things are there's always so many new options with each season or holiday, and with Halloween and Christmas things out, I needed to try a few things. 

Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar is obviously limited for Halloween. With juniper-berry, grapefruit and lime oils this bar smells amazing and leaves a bubbly orange bath with gold glitter, which looks really pretty. Not only did this smell lovely but it made my skin feel really soft. I was a little afraid of the glitter being left all over the tub after, (because I mean who wants to clean after trying to have a relaxing bath), but it wasnt a problem. I wish I picked up another one of these because I really enjoyed it. 

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar  is a vanilla cotton candy scent, the same as their popular Rockstar soap. I find it to smell the same as the Snow Fairy shower gel that everyone loves as well. I havent tried this yet but I'm excited because it smells really nice.

Rose Jam Shower Gel was a bit of an impulse. With rose, vanilla pod, goji berry and argan oil, I wasnt thinking I was going to like this as im not a floral scent fan. However the mix gives a sweeter scent than I was expecting and I look forward to this one. 

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar is a combination of a luxury bath melt and a bubble bar, giving the water losts of sweet vanilla and cotton candy bubbles, mixed with cocoa butter to smooth the skin. This one sounds right up my alley. 

Butterbear Bath Bomb is the same as the year round Butterball just in a bear shape for the holidays. He is made of cocoa butter to leave your dry skin soft and gives the water a vanilla scent. I loved the original last year and the bear just makes me like it even more.

Snow Angel Bath Bomb is both a bomb and a luxury bath melt. With a marzipan scent, this is said to  have cocoa butter dissolve into white(snow), and fizz out into a golden halo. 

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