Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Steve-O !

Last week my boyfriend and I went to see Steve-O do stand up. Obviously this is not something he usually does so we were a little skeptical as to how it was going to be. and actually, he was pretty funny! 99% of what he was talking about was sexual, but non the less, funny. He also did a few stunts, including breaking a light bulb, cutting his tongue with a piece of the glass, and using his blood to draw war paint on his face(you can see this in the photo below).

Now probably the most exciting part, he stuck around after the show and took photos with everyone with his own camera and uploaded them all to his site. I dont know how long we waited for the line to go down before joining in(it felt like forever)-we were some on the last people to get photos. Here is my photo, and I think I look horrible as we got rained on on the way there and I look a state, but hey ho, I got to meet Steve-O!

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