Monday, 16 November 2015

A Lush Haul

Lush Luxury Lush pud, the experimeter, yog nog, avobath, big blue

I'm not a fan of the cold weather, but noe thing I do love is that I have an excuse to laze around in a nice relaxing Lush bath. There's nothing nicer after a long day, coming in from the cold and getting into a colourful bath with a book. I treated myself to a few bath bombs, so here's what I got.

Luxury Lush Pud
I tried this one last year and honestly the scent isnt my favourite but the colours look really nice. With tonka absolute, lavender and benzoin resinoid, this one supposed to help with tension and aid in relaxation. Good after a long day.

The Experimenter
This is a new bath bomb and I'm really looking forward to the colourful bath it makes. With vanilla and tonka absolute this bomb is supposed to have vivid colours and popping candy, surely to give quite the show as it fizzes away.

Yog Nog
This is a christmas bath bomb with spicy clove oil, soy milk powder and shea butter. I don't find this one very strongly scented but they say its toffee scented. This should be a nice one for moisture on a cold night.

This one is supposed to invigorate you with a lemongrass scent, avocado and olive oil to moisturize the skin. I thouht this would be a good one for winter time as my skin gets super dry this time of year.  It smells really fresh aswell.

Big Blue
I've always wanted to try this but for some reason never picked it up. The guy in the store said it was his favourite when I asked for a recommendation, so I thought good time to try it. Its packed with minerals including salt to rid the body of toxins and seaweed to soften and soothe. There's also lavender and lemon oil to help you relax. It has a really fresh scent and apparently makes the water bright blue which should be really cool.

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  1. So many of those I want to try! Particularly The Experimenter and Big Blue. I'll have to pick at least one of those up next time I'm in Lush. I agree, baths are such a nice way to wind down and finish a night, especially when it's chilly outside :)



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