Saturday, 11 July 2015

The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer

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I've never been a huge highlighter fan. They look pretty but sometimes can be too much, or just don't look right on my skin tone. I have a few sample sizes of cream highlighters, and use them here and there but have never found something that really made me want to run out and buy a full size of. After hearing about The Balms Mary Lou-Manizer several times over the last year or two, I wanted to try it out myself. I swatched it in store but was hesitant to spend the money and not get along with it. When I had a coupon code on feelunique in my inbox, I decided I would just give it a go.

It comes in super cute packaging and is a champagne gold shade. It is quite pigmented so just a small tap of the brush and that's plenty. Otherwise it'll be glitter central on your cheek. I think it looks really pretty though it can look a little too harsh and obvious so dont go overboard! I love the glow it gives to my skin, though I'm not sure it would be an everyday product for me for this reason. It makes a really gorgeous goldy eyeshadow aswell and I have been using it quite a bit on my eyes for a quick sweep of colour. Multi use products are my favourite. I am a fan and would recommend this to the highlighter lovers out there. If you're afraid of a shimmer look I probably wouldn't go for this one though.

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