Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Five Tips For Saving

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Over the years I've become really good at saving money. I've managed to keep myself a nice savings in my bank account and am always asked how I do it. I thought I'd give you a few tips if your looking to save some money.

Don't Spend Just Because You Have
My number one and most important tip is not to spend just because you have money. It's easy to think  'I just got paid, I'm going shopping', but you shouldn't blow all your money in one go. I think it's important to learn this from a young age because it becomes second nature. Think of your future. Do you want to travel, move out or into a bigger/nicer place. Thinking about saving towards something later in life always helps me save, because I want to be able to afford nice things in my future.

Take a Step Back
Look at where your moneys going to. Do you eat out every day for your lunch, or buy a coffee on your way to work? These things add up quickly and get forgotten about, but can make a huge overall difference. For me, I've noticed my phone bill getting higher and higher because I've gone over my data usage. An easy solution to this is changing your phone plan, or as I did, turning off the cellular data and strictly using wifi unless necessary.

Cut Back On Luxuries
Those little $2 (or more) things like a cup of coffee can really add up. A 2$ cup of coffee is a monthly rate of $40. Add in all the other little things and it's no wonder we have no money. Getting a travel mug and making your own coffee to go, packing a lunch or snack to bring with you on your day out. Cutting back on the little things can easily make a difference. Learn to make it a treat rather than a necessity.

Before spending your paycheque, look at what your monthly expenses are. Make a list of the things you pay, like rent, phone bill, travel, groceries, etc. Make sure you include all the necessities. Look at how much you're spending and how much is left over. Going back to my first tip, don't spend everything left over. Just because you have it doesn't mean it needs to be spent.

Give Yourself a Spending Limit
When I go out, I like to use cash. It's easy to get carried away and spend more than you should if you're using debit/credit cards. Put them away, and stick with cash. This prevents you from over-spending and buying unnecessary things.

Those are my five tips for saving. Let me know if you find this helpful and if you have any tips of your own, share them below!


  1. I'll be honest I'm so bad at saving money. I used to do amazingly but now I'm at uni I seem to always be edging my overdraft, eek! The 2 pound a day on coffee really puts it into perspective when you add it up to 40 a month, wow - you don't think about it that way! Great tips, I'm sure my bank balance will be thanking you soon!
    cottonandcandie xx

    1. I know right! Glad you found it helpful :) x


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