Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Empties #13

bio oil, the body shop, satsuma body butter, lush snow fairy, its a 10 shampoo, conditioner, euphoria, dove go fresh, the rocket, mac, dark circle eraser

The Body Shop Satsuma Mini Body Butter
This stuff smells so nice. I find the scent very summery so I won't be repurchasing anytime soon. But the body butters are lovely and I have many stocked uo in different scents.

Its a 10 Miracle Shampoo Plus Keratin and Its a 10 Conditioner
This has become one of my top haircare brands, ive yet to find something I dont like. The shampoo leaves my hair really manageable and frizz-free, which is great as I really don't have the time for doing anything with it after coming out of the shower these days. The conditioner leaves my hair feely silky smooth. Both a recommndation to try.

Calgon Exfoliating Mineral Scrub
I was looking for a more budget friendly scrub. This was okay but I think id rather just wait for a sale to get one from The Body Shop.

Dove Go Fresh Green Tea Deoderant
Dove has my favourite deoderants I think. The green tea scent is great because it doesnt overpower my perfume and is just a clean scent that I think most people would like.

Maybelline The Rocket Mascara 
This was a nice mascara. It gave my lashes volume which is what I need in a mascara. I like to try new things so I probably wont pick this up again for a while.

Mac Viva Glam V Lipgloss
This is years old just sitting in my drawer. I liked the colour so I may pick it up again, but for now its waiting to be back to mac'd.

Bio Oil
I used alot of these while I was pregnant, in hope it would prevent stretch marks. Unfortunately because of how big my belly got, I dont think anything would have helped but it did leave my skin nicely moisturized and always helps with my pre-existing stretch marks.

Lush Snow Fairy Body Wash
I had this from last year in a buy one get one free deal. I liked the scent a lot when I bought it but put it away because I had (and still have) more body washes then I need. I pulled them out to use but after a few uses I was over the scent. To me it smells a lot like banana medicine (the stuff you get as a kid).

Maybelline Dark Circle Eraser
This is one of my favourite products. It gives enough coverage to my under eyes to make me look awake but not fully cover them up. I ran out for a new one as soon as this was done.

Calvin Klein Euphoria Body Wash
This was nothung special. Im not a big fan of the scent so I wasnt particularly excited about this. It was just an okay body wash to me.

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