Wednesday, 31 December 2014


new years resolution

Dont Say Maybe When You Want To Say No
This is probably going to be a hard one for me. I dont like to let people down by coming straight out with things. Maybe has become a top word in my vocabulary and I dont know why. Someone asks me to do something I dont want to do and you'd think 'well just say no' but for some reason I have a hard time with it.

Don't Be Afraid To Do Things Just Because Others May Not Like It
I tend to be afraid to wear or do things because of what others may think. I love red lips but my boyfriend doesnt so I never wear it. People make comments on something im wearing and I feel weird wearing it again. We all have different likes,  interests and tastes and while I wish I could say I didnt care what people thought about me, in some aspects I do and I let it affect me when it shouldn't.

Take More Pictures
Often when I go places or have a great day, I wish I had taken pictures as a memory. Especially since having a child, I want to be able to look back on different points in her life and remember what we did visually. In this day and age photos seem to be forgotten so I want to make sure I take them and place them in an album.

Get My Hair and Drivers Licenses 
Im 22 and I still dont drive. Why? Im lazy. Ive always wanted to drive but I dont put the time in to read the book so after six years of saying im going to go, I am putting this high on my to do list. I also want to go for my hairstyling license. And yes for those of you who dont know, you do need a license to do hair. I finished my apprenticeship last october and ive been putting it off for too long so another thing high on the list, I want to make sure im a qualified stylist.

Now I dont mean relax as in sitting down in front of the tv, having me time. Relaxing more as in dont get so worked up about things, usually things that dont matter and arent the end of the world. Not having a mini freak out because someones done something a different way than I would. Just take a breather and let things be.

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