Friday, 24 October 2014

Lily and An Update

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After a long break from blogging, I am hoping to be back to regular posting.  Almost two months ago on August 30th, I had my beautiful little girl Lily. When they tell you having a baby takes up alot of your time, they're not kidding. I had no idea how exhausted I would be and how little time I would have for myself or basically anything other than taking care of this adorable little human being that is attached to me ninety percent of the day. But I dont mind it at all. Having been only twenty one when I discovered I was pregnant, my life has changed quite a bit and I've grown up alot. Now twenty two and a mom, wow.

Enough about me, let me tell you about that adorable little human being of mine. After hours of an excruciating labor, Lily was born 9 lbs 10 oz. An almost ten pound baby! While we anticipated she would be pretty big, thinking maybe eight pounds something, were all shocked at how big she actually was. No wonder I was so big at during my pregnancy! I mean, im only 5'1. Looking at her after I kept thinking to myself "How did that fit inside me?"Its a crazy thought.

She was born with some hair, mostly on the back of her head. Now let me just say, that wives tale about heartburn (or in my case acid reflux) meaning the baby will be born with hair just might be true. I suffered pretty bad. But all the pain of labor and pregnancy was quickly forgotten when that little bambino was born. Well maybe not that quickly, I had a rough two weeks of recovery after giving birth because I was so sore and swollen. But you dont want to hear about that.

Lily will be two months in a few days and I'm just amazed at how quickly time is passing by. She is getting so big already (and heavy, my wrist has been killing me!). She is starting to sleep through the night now. I usually do a last feed between 9 and 12, depending on the day and she'll sleep a good 5-7 hours. One time she even slept for 8. I was amazed, though she was so quiet through the night I kept having to check that she was still breathing that I barely got any sleep myself. During the day she doesnt sleep too much most days, but thats probably why shes so good during the night. But aside from a little colicky period she went through, shes a really good baby. 

As you can tell from previous posts, I was trying to do weekly updates of my pregnancy, partially for me to look back on later in life,  but also because I always found other peoples updates interesting to read, even when I wasnt pregnant. I found it hard to keep track of everything going on and weeks went by without being documented that I just gave up on doing it altogether. Im a little disappointed in myself for this, but im going to try to do monthly updates from this point on. 

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