Friday, 17 January 2014

Lush Santa's Lip Scrub

Ive never tried a lip scrub before and this time of year when your lips are constantly dry, cracked and sore seemed like the perfect time. I saw lush had a holiday lip scrub with a cola scent and flavour so I thought id give it a try. Though I must say cola isnt very festive.

Made with sugar and coconut oil to moisturise and extracts of cherries and dates for colour and flavour. As you can see in the pictures, there were tiny little hearts on the top which I took off because I didnt want them getting everywhere. The red kind of stays on your finger if you dont wash (or lick) it off but doesnt stain your lips. It worked well at removing dryness and made my lips feels soft and ready for lipstick if I wanted to wear it. So far im a fan and I think this little jar will last me quite a while.

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