Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Marc Jacobs Honey

Fellow fruity scent lovers, this ones for you. Marc Jacobs newest scent addition, Honey, is a delicious fruity floral that leaves you sniffing yourself many-a-times throughtout the day. 
Featuring green pear, fruity punch and mandarin as the top notes, orange blossom, honeysuckle and peach in the middle, followed by vanilla, smooth woods and of course, honey to finish it off. The bottle is just beautiful, with striped butterflies and polka dots. It looks really pretty on my vanity.

When I first sprayed this on my wrist and walked around the mall, I kept catching a wiff and instantly fell in love. As my birthday was coming up I decided it was top on my list and ive been wearing it almost everyday since. It lasts well and isnt a really strong overpowering scent. A must sniff. 

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