Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Curly/Wavy Hair Product Recommendations

Summer seems to always be the time everyone wants to forget the heat and go natural with their hair. Ive never been one of these people because my natural hair is can a real pain in the you know what. But ive found a few products over the last couple months that actually help kwwp the curl and tame the unwanted frizz.

Tigi Catwalk Curlesque Curls Rock Amplifier 
I have the whole Curlesque line including shampoo, conditoner and a leave in but this is the stand out product for me. Its a cream product that is applied to damp hair to define waves or curls and keep the frizz down. The great thing about this is that it doesnt leave that awful crunchy, wet look that mousses do, unless you apply to much which I did the first time I used it. It is the only thing Ive found thus far that works with hair and doesnt make me want to straighten or throw it up within the hour. My only complaint is that it doesnt smell the greatest, which is a disappointment because the shampoo has a nice fresh scent. But once its on you cant smell it anyway.

John Frieda Secret Weapon Finishing Cream 
This is a sample I got a long time ago and never used until a few months ago when my hair was really frizzy beyond control. I saw this stuff and thought I might as well give it a try. It smelt nice and it worked pretty well. I tried it another day when I let my hair air dry without putting anything in it at all and just a small amount through the hair really tamed the frizz and flyaways and I easily could of gone out like that. Like I said, I dont normally leave the house with my hair like this, so thats saying a lot. This is a good one for this time of year with the himidity to help from getting hair like Monica from Friends.

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