Sunday, 16 November 2014

Crazy For Lip Pencils

(l-r Nars Satin 'Biscayne Park', Bite 'Meritage', Nars Satin 'Rikugien', Bite 'Sahara', Nars Matte 'Bahama'

Ive been a little obsessed with lip pencils the last few months. My love began with Nars, and now Bite have been making their way into my life. The convenience of a lipstick in a pencil form. Whats not to love.

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil
So far I only have one of the mattes, which was the first pencil I bought a year ago. Dont let the word matte scare you, these pencils are not drying at all. They look absolutely beautiful on the lips and have great colour payoff. As with all Nars products, they have a great selection of colours. The one I chose was Bahama, a perfect winter/fall pinkish brown. I have my eye on Bettina, and Dolce Vita.

Nars Satin Lip Pencil
The satins are creamier and more moisturizing. This formula is my favourite, as it can be easier to wear and doesnt accentuate any dryness. Biscayne Park is possibly my all time favourite lipstick. Described as a pink guava, though im not sure id say that myself. To me its more of a really easy to wear peachy nude. Out of all the shades here, id recommend trying this one. Next is Rikugien, a rose pink. This one doesnt get a lot of wear because I find it to have a slight frostiness to it which im not a big fan of in lip products. It is a nice colour and id love to wear it more, but I find I like it more with a bit of Biscayne Park mixed in with it. Next on my list is Majella, a gorgeous red.

Bite High Pigment Pencil
After falling for the Nars pencils, while wandering Sephora one day I came across these beauties. Similar to the Nars Satin pencils, creamy and easy to wear. A bonus is theyre retractable, so no sharpening needed! I went for Syrah as it was a similar but slightly more peach version of Biscayne Park. This one is more spring/summer to me as its a brighter peach shade. And for the brightest shade I have, theres Meritage. This was a deluxe size that came in a Sephora Favourites set. I havent had a chance to try this one out really but it looks like an easy to wear red.

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