Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Essie No Chips Ahead

Ive never been a big nail person. I enjoy painting them different colours but I never seem to have nice nails. Ive always been a nail bitter, and my job makes it hard to have nice looking hands and perfect nails for very long. Ive been trying out Essies No Chips Ahead for the past two or three months to see if it helps keep my nails looking nicer for longer. I havent heard the greatest things about this one but in my opinion its not bad. It gives a nice shine to the nails and has helped my polish last up to a few days. As someone who uses their hands alot, I was pleasantly surprised that it worked. I dont know what people dont like about it, but im sure their are other great options for a top coat out there, probably for a more affordable price. Im not sure its worth the price necessarily, but I will continue to use it and maybe try another brand next time.

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