Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Empties #10

The Body Shop Shea Sugar Scrub
I loved this stuff. It wasnt one of those oily scrubs, nor is it really abrasive. The shea on it helps to leave the skin feeling soft and smooth. I will be picking this up again soon, maybe in a different scent next time.

Nuxe Micellar Water sample
I got this in a travel set and was really excited to have a mini micellar water to bring with my when I go to my boyfriends, etc. Unfortunately I didnt really get along with this one. Micellar waters are supposed to feel like water, but this leaves a tacky feeling under my eyes and actually kind of burns. When I used it, I would have to rinse my eyes off because it made my skin uncomfortable and tight. The rose scent also wasnt for me.

La Roche-Posay Effeclar Micellar Solution
Another micellar water, but this one I actually like. Its gentle on the skin and doesnt irritate my eyes or leave a sticky feeling on the skin. It removes makeup easily and is an overall great product. Ive already repurchased.

Naturelle Biotera Colour Care Intensive Reconstructor
I got this forever ago for a mere $2.99 in a beauty supply. Id never heard of the brand but thought for the price I couldnt go wrong. I dont know why I stopped using this, it is a nice 5 minute conditioning mask that helps to repair and protect the hair, aswell as prolong colour. It smells lovely and leaves the hair silky soft. I was on a mission to use it up but im kinda sad that I did because it was really nice to use.

Matrix Keratin Dose Shampoo and Conditioner Samples
Ive never been a fan of matrix shampoos on my hair but this one I actually got nice results from. It made my hair feel suoer soft and hydrated and I probably will eventually purchase when I use up some of the shampoos I have.

Alpen Jasmine Bath Salts
I uses another box of these bath salts. Nothing amazing really. It makes the bath smell nice but I cant say they do anything.

St Ives Mini 24-Hour Body Lotion
I was using this as a hand cream and it was a great little product. It isnt greasy and absorbs really quick, which was good for applications between clients at work. The shea butter and almond oil leave the skin soft and is a nice subtle scent.

Abonne samples
Nothing much to say about these I just wanted to use them up rather then throw them away. The eye cream was creamy, and  nice to apply but I prefer my This Works. Moisturiser wasnt that great and the toner I got about 2 uses out of so what can you say about that. The mask felt very tight on ther skin and uncomfortable to the fact I couldnt even keep it on the full 5 minutes. It was also hard to remove, especially those little exfoliating beads.

Tresemme Straightening Gel 
Nothing to say about this. Im getting rid of my old drugstore haor products because I dont plan on ever using them and theyre kinda old too.

Live Clean Exotic Nectar Argan Oil
This claims to be 100% pure argan oil but it comes out sticky and can actually lather in my hands(!?) which I dont quite understand. It never felt like it did anything to my hair and was just adding product for no reason. Time to throw it out, dont buy this.

Lipsmackers Ice Creamies
Ive had this a long long time and keep forgetting to add it in my empties posts. This didnt last long but it smelt good- like cookie dough- and was smooth on the lips.

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